Big Play in a Box

  • Sensory Processing Disorder - Simplified!

    You finally have a diagnosis and hope that you can get help for your child and your family. Sensory Processing Disorder! Wait...What?? What are all of those big unfamiliar words the therapist was using?? Read further as I try to stay away from those words and use only the ones that will leave you confident that you may have a grasp of what life in the day of your child through his or her eyes may be. You will be able to share this blog with all those that surround your family to give them insight as well as hope for the future of your child and his/her well-being.
  • Pout Pout Fish - July 2022 - Ocean Theme Box

    This was the first month of providing 2 Subscription Options.  I now call our original box "The Full Experience" and a condensed version is "The Weekender".  By doing this I am trying to accomplish a few objectives.  First, I want to provide a different price point for those who felt The Full Experience was not in the range they could comfortably afford on a monthly basis. 
  • Self Calming - A Vital Skill to Teach our Children

    This is not scientific. I am not a numbers person who can provide percentages. I just believe that we in general lack in teaching our kids the important skill of self-calming. We bribe, beg, and give in to "keep everyone happy". 
  • Surprise Rides

    Does your family participate in surprise outings? I'm here to tell you they are worth it! Read along as I encourage a simple way to make some memories and encourage family time!
  • Travel Survival Box - June 2022

    Traveling with PLAY in Tow! Traveling these days is much different than back when I was a kid! Heck, I remember camping out on the floor of the...
  • Welcome to Big Play in a Box!

    Purposeful and Engaging Play all in a Box! Come discover how to create meaningful memories through designated activities that cultivate creativity, skill development, communication and FUN!