Kids LOVE receiving mail and our boxes are custom curated by Connie (an Occupational Therapist) to ensure they are developmentally aligned and work for children with special needs. Our boxes encourage solo and interactive play to give you the best of worlds, all while giving children a way to play and have fun without a screen!

Included in each box:

  • 1 Children's Book that sets the theme of the box contents
  • Sensory Play
  • 2-3 crafts/hands-on activities that compliment the theme of book

Featured collection

Why are our boxes special?

  • Our boxes engage kid's senses for multi-developmental play that is FUN!
  • Activities include both solo or interactive ideas to provide children a means of independent play without screens as well as easy means of engaging children with peers/siblings and/or adults to deepen social skills and relationship building.
  • No need to research creative and engaging ideas for your children from the internet.
  • No need to purchase additional supplies that sit on a shelf taking up space.
  • No need to wonder if the toys/games/puzzles will be a "hit"! Research has been done.
  • Frequent blog and guides on website to provide ideas, benefits to play, and OT tips to ensure you and your child get the most benefit.

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Did you know our boxes are curated by an Occupational Therapist?

That's right! Our Founder, Connie O'Neill has been an OT for over 30 years. Connie says "I LOVE kids! They make me laugh and I like to think they keep me young! They yearn for our attention and innately have the desire to engage with their surroundings. I feel confident Big Play in a Box will provide you the means to connect with your child(ren) in a way that creates lifetime memories. "