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Who are our boxes for?

Big Play in a Box is geared for children in the developmental range of 3-8 years old. Each box is carefully researched and curated by an occupational therapist. We believe children learn through playing and should be encouraged to use all of their senses when doing so. Our mission provides just that!

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Big Play in a Box, where play is powerful and learning is fun! I’m Otie, and I love these boxes.

I love playing with my monster friends but sometimes, they say I'm "too much" because my emotions take over. See, I don't like large crowds or getting messy.

But with Big Play in a Box, I can learn and play at my own speed and do what feels right for ME and you can too!!


    You can choose a single box to try us out ot select a certain theme. They're also great for special occasions and gift giving!


    Sign up for our Quarterly Subscription Boxes and get a new, custom curated box of FUN delivered every quarter!



Jenny B. says:

"We LOVE these boxes! I’m able to use the sensory experiences with my little one as well. I love the ease of these, everything we need is in the box and its thoughtful and so creative. The value is unbelievable and its a lifesaver on rainy days!"

Kyrie P. says:

"we got a subscription for Christmas this year and it has been our favorite gift to date. The box comes loaded with easy yet exciting activities to enjoy with your child. I love the detailed cards that you get and the books to help grow my child's Library."

Kayla C. says:

"I have been getting this box for my nephew for several months now and he absolutely loves them!!! she does an amazing job with the crafts and sensory activities"