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Big Play in a Box

Desk Survival Kit

Desk Survival Kit

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Introducing our Fidget Box: a portable solution for managing ADHD, anxiety, boredom while doing "desk work", and frustration. These well-researched and trialed tools provide a discreet and effective way to channel restless energy and calm the mind, offering a tangible solution to ease symptoms and promote focus.

Packaged in a small and manageable magnetic closed box, it is the perfect companion to throw in a backpack, keep in your car, on your desk, or in your work bag.  In addition, how can you not smile at Otie, our mascot, greeting you as you reach for one of your new tools. 

Our Fidget Box is a perfect gift for:

-School-age student who needs a quiet solution to tapping the pencil, or bouncing the knee that disrupts others.

-College students can benefit from the portability and options it provides with late-night studying and writing papers.

-Office workers who are on countless Zoom meetings will not be tearing up important papers as they strive to keep engaged with their peers.

-At-home workers will no longer be doodling all over their work notes as they spend hours pouring over their computer screens.

Included are 4 very different solutions that are engaging, mess-free, and quiet. 

Say goodbye to restless hands and racing thoughts with our Fidget Box—unlock calm and focus today.

Package Dimensions:  6"X6"X2 3/4" 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tech Desk

Came across this brand at a local homeschool conference in Greenville. Loved the idea and love the product even more. I regularly use it this while working and I love that they are unique.


I got the desk survival kit for my son to go off to college. He has always been a fidgeter. When my 26 year old daughter saw it, she wanted one too. I am so happy with my purchase and The company is so fast and responsive!

Leanna Stroup

This product is so engaging for my child with my adhd sensory seeking kiddo! It has been so fun tod er him excited each time I open the box! I highly recommend this box and it is totally worth the price!


The items are very good quality. I shared one with a family member. The cube is fantastic. 🤗

Mason Wright
Love my desk fidgets!

I keep all four fidgets around my desk, and I always find myself picking them up! Personally, it's helped me become less distracted with my phone while at work. 10/10 !