Our Story

Big Play in a Box has come from a vision I have had for years! I have been a practicing Occupational Therapist for the past 28+ years, with 16 of those in Pediatrics.  As well, my husband and I have raised 4 children who have now all entered into adulthood.  Along the way, I discovered one of my purposes was to be able to engage with kids.  By engage, I mean play with, relate to, involve them! Kids have so much to offer! They crave interaction and purposeful play.  That is where the idea stems from! With the introduction to “online therapy” due to Covid restrictions, it became even more apparent that parents could benefit from some ideas and tools to interact with their kids and keep them off of those screens! 

I began to think.  What if I could put together appropriate play solutions that promote all of their developing skills while including those that mean the most to them…their caregivers!  What if I could combine my knowledge of children’s natural development, my ability to adjust play to fit many age and skill levels and my innate desire to laugh with and learn with kids through a box of goodies? Maybe I could do the research, gather the supplies, give some general guidelines to help promote one of the most important relationships they will ever get to experience while growing their minds and bodies.

Big Play in a Box is a way to connect families through creating impacting memories while engaging in play. No more time wasted researching Pinterest, going to multiple stores to buy the supplies and then finding out it is just another Pinterest fail. (Yup, I’ve had a few!).  No more buying big bottles of glitter and paint to create one project and finding the excess years later with dust all over it (Yup, I’ve done that as well).

Pull up your sleeves, and get ready to experience your child’s joy through their eyes! Join us today!

Connie O’Neill OTR/L   ( “Miss Connie” to all my OT kiddos through the years)