Meet Connie

Connie has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for 30 years.  She and her husband have raised 4 children who have now all entered into adulthood.  

Her life purpose is to engage with kids; to play with, relate to, and involve them! Kids have so much to offer! They crave interaction and purposeful play.  

Big Play in a Box is a way to connect families through creating impacting memories while engaging in play. No more time wasted researching Pinterest, going to multiple stores to buy the supplies and then finding out it is just another Pinterest fail. (Yup, I’ve had a few!).  No more buying big bottles of glitter and paint to create one project and finding the excess years later with dust all over it (Yup, I’ve done that as well).

Pull up your sleeves, and get ready to experience your child’s joy through their eyes!

Connie O’Neill OTR/L ( “Miss Connie” to all my OT kiddos through the years)

Meet Otie

Otie is a mischievous and fun-loving boy. He is very busy and enjoys playing with items that keep his hands and brain active! He loves to hang out with other monsters but sometimes is told he can be a bit too much. While this makes him sad, he is learning how to use his words and actions to calm his body and let the adults around him know what he needs help with to be able to play better with his friends and his toys. 

While Otie appears to be a daredevil from the outside, there are many things that make Otie uncomfortable. He does not like loud noises. Many foods feel funny in his mouth, and he refuses to try new things. He does not love getting messy. Big crowds make him very uncomfortable, and he has been known to run away or become so overwhelmed that he cannot control his emotions. 

Otie wants nothing more than to feel comfortable and enjoy being around his family and friends. He loves to learn! He especially enjoys learning while playing and using lots of ways to help make new ideas stick! He wants to be your friend as well and share with you all of the lessons he is learning along the way!

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During check out, you will have the option pick a subscription for 1 or 2 children for an additional $7. What makes sense to duplicate, will be: (i.e. crafts and occasional sensory materials).


Yes! You may cancel at any time or decide to HOLD a month if needed. You can do that on your own or email us and we can do it from our end.


Each month of July/October/January/April there will be an open cart from the 18th - 22nd where those from our box "waitlist" will be invited to join any available slots in the subscription. 

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This is a closed cart model. You cannot place a subscription box order at any time other than during the open cart times. (7/18 - 7/22; 10/18-10/22; 1/18-1/22; 4/18-4/22); During the "off" times, you will be directed to join our waitlist. When the cart opens, any available spots will come on a first-come basis to those that are on our waitlist.

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