Veterans Day - Big Play in a Box

Veterans Day - Big Play in a Box


Yikes! I Cannot believe it! This is my 12th Box! Big Play in a Box has been at it a whole year now! This journey has been nothing short of frustrating, rewarding, perplexing, satisfying, time-consuming, yet freeing! It's like starting Motherhood all over again! With all of that said, I would like to present you with this month's Veterans Day Box!

One of the first things you will pull out of the box is our monthly activity cards. These provide directions, alternative play suggestions as well as suggestions on how to increase or decrease the level of difficulty depending on the developmental level of your child(ren). 

Our book this month is entitled Lil Army Soldier. It is a sturdy board book that provides "basic training" by giving you an idea of what the life of a soldier may look like day to day. Through researching to find this book, I have come to the conclusion that there are not enough books about this topic! Are you a budding author?? Here is a great market!

Next, is The Epic Stretch Hero! Think Stretch Armstrong for those from an earlier generation! He is weighted with sand and provides satisfaction with a rubber covered material that allows him to stretch up to 3x his size. This guy is perfect to add to your fidget box, car, waiting room bag, you name it. I admit he has become a desk "go-to" while I am brainstorming as a satisfying alternative to doodling!


This Play setup is made up of two items in your box! First, you have a mini backpack filled with army vehicles and army people. Secondly, is the Green Kinetic Sand. Throw both items in the box for an instant play station "set-up". Does your child struggle with open-ended pretend play? I get it. Kids are not all built the same! That doesn't mean there cannot be joy had with this toy! 

I suggest using them for simple board games such as tic-tac-toe or the Cracker Barrel Peg Game by drawing a game board on a piece of paper. Use them with the included S.T.E.M. Catapult game. Use for counting, sorting while learning early math concepts. Honestly, the list could go on and on!

Speaking of the Catapult is the finished product that is provided in the November Box. Simple in concept but quite rewarding! Separate into two teams and provide one team the dark green army people and light green to the other team. Place your Big Play Box 3-4' away from the catapult on the floor or table. Take turns and see how many people you can land into the box! The winner has the most! Something about watching these guys fling across the room makes this a hit with any age!

Button Flag Craft is a patriotic craft that provides a cute little decoration to add to a shelf as well! You will need ample glue. Make the activity more "engaging" by hiding the buttons in the kinetic sand. Even more challenging, (time-consuming if you need to keep them busy) would be to hide them in a room and bring them to the table to then complete the craft. However, be cautious or avoid if you have a child under 3 who can "find" any leftover buttons to place in their mouth. For that matter, include those crazy pets that are chewers or experimental as well that could be harmed by button consumption!

The Poppy Flower Craft is a fun window decoration that is quite easy for any age to participate in. The younger crowd, however, will need help with cutting out the flower. You could add to this by finding any materials that are red/green to mix and make it a mixed-media project. Did you ever wonder why the Poppy Flower and Veterans Day were interrelated? I did! I provide a qr code to a Youtube video that I found that is an informative but entertaining cartoon to educate your child (and maybe yourself) on this topic! Enlightening to say the least!


Last, is the Veterans Day Thank You, Card. Whether you know a Veteran who has served in the past or is presently serving, they will appreciate getting a "hug" from your child with this card. Everything included with exception of scissors, glue, and a stamp to finish this and send to make our heroes know they are appreciated.

That is it in a nutshell! I'm super excited to receive feedback on this box! In fact, I will be drawing a name from those that provide a review on either the product itself or my facebook page and will receive the December Box for Free! I promise, it is a great one and I cannot wait to begin to revealit  over the course of the next few weeks!

Don't forget we have Christmas Boxes for sale right now as well! Two options with two different price points. They will begin shipping out the Monday before Thanksgiving and can be used as a precursor to the month's activities ahead or as a gift for under the tree! Head to our SHOP button to start (or finish) your shopping today!

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