Travel Survival Box - June 2022

Traveling with PLAY in Tow!
Traveling these days is much different than back when I was a kid! Heck, I remember camping out on the floor of the backseat making sure I was completely separated from my pesky big brother! I'm not sure what I brought along to entertain myself, but it definitely did not involve a screen.
Vacation with our 4 children looked different as well.  We packed them up in our HUGE Conversion Van.  We loaded up our portable TV with its built in DVD player and strapped it in with bungee cords. Lord knows what would have happened had we ever had a collision!  I commonly put together Dollar Tree "treats" that separated the hours in an effort to make things easier on all of us! It worked most of the time, but we definitely did not travel without plenty of bloopers along the way!
Fast forward to 2022.  Traveling never comes without hiccups, but the introduction of the multiple types of tablets, game consoles, iphones, etc.. have made for many hours of smooth road time.  But at what cost? 
I recently had a chance to travel to St. John's Island.  Wow!!! What a beautiful island!! One of our excursions landed us at a restaurant along the beautiful shoreline.  We were surrounded by chickens clucking while running around us and a beach footsteps away.  I was saddened to observe a larger family with what I would guess to be several generations and 3 children under the age of about 10.  All 3 of those children were immersed in their tablets with
headphones on. I couldn't believe not one of them was chasing after those crazy chickens. Not one of them was barefoot and digging in that sand.  At what cost??
Some may walk by and say to that family, "My what well behaved children!". I wanted to say, "Get out there and get Sandy! Dig! Run!".  I behaved, and kept quiet.  But, 6 months later, it still bothers me. 
The month of June marks the start of vacation time with families.  I wanted to come up with a way to give options for engaging children while they are traveling.  I do not deny nor condone the use of electronics to entertain children for short periods of time.  I do, however, hope that families will consider finding means to use this special designated time to get to know each other on a deeper level.  
Big Play in a Box presents the June "Travel Survival Box".  This box comes with multiple activities that encourage hands on play, interaction amongst family members, and creative means of an outlet when in tight spaces or when needing a little quiet time. 
Included in this box:
Magnetic White Board with Magnets and Activity Sheets
I have provided multiple ways to encourage writing, drawing, game play, and building all while challenging creativity, learning and fine motor skills.  The magnets included provide an "addictive" grab to the board and they alone are way fun! I think everyone will enjoy!
Geo Twister - This is an engaging fidget toy.  It's flexible, but sturdy for play during those times hands need to be busy.  The options of design are endless!
Squigz - These little suction cup building toys are mesmerizing. We used these in our therapy gym ALL the time! They stick to one another, the included white board, the windows, you name it! The sound and pleasure you get when releasing them from their suction is undeniable!
Travel Stickers with Cup/Lid and Paper Travel Suitcase - Plenty of stickers are included to use to cover your child's special travel cup. Included as well is a paper pre cut suitcase in which your child can decorate and use as a means for storage of keepsakes along the way.
50 Things to do in a Car - This is a small tin filled guessed it, 50 things to do!  There are fun car games that I have never even heard of to use with multiple ages of family members and as well could even be fun for a date night!
Pipe Cleaner Crafts - I have included approximately 25 pipe cleaners and activity cards that instruct your young children to make multiple fun arts/crafts with them including jewelry, firefly and an army of people if so desired.
Book - The Night Before Summer Vacation  This is an adorable story that follows a family on a hilarious (and sometimes accurate) account of how difficult it can be to even get out the door for a vacation! You will be able to relate and your child will laugh along with the great story and illustrations. 
Activity Cards - Each month I create activity cards that guide caregivers in general instructions of each box item.  If appropriate, means of increasing or decreasing the skill level needed according to present developmental level are also included.  BONUS!!! This month I have even included extra handouts for additional trip tips and hacks that I have gathered to keep your car/plane or whatever means of transportation filled with miles of smiles.
In conclusion, I hope this summer your family is able to recharge with some time away.  Even if you are planning a staycation this year due to these horrific gas prices, I hope that you will consider unplugging and engaging.  Your children want nothing more than to spend time with the people they love most.  Trust me, as a parent of grown children, you will not regret it, your children will forever remember it and all of you will eternally cherish it. 
-Miss Connie
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