Pout Pout Fish - July 2022 - Ocean Theme Box

Pout Pout Fish - July 2022 - Ocean Theme Box

By now, all of our subscribers should have received their July Ocean Theme Box! I am starting to get pictures in and am loving all the engaging play I get to witness through your sharing! I would love to go over a little more in-depth the "why" I may have chosen the enclosed items from an OT perspective, however, also as a Mom! 

This was the first month of providing 2 Subscription Options.  I now call our original box "The Full Experience" and a condensed version is "The Weekender".  By doing this I am trying to accomplish a few objectives.  First, I want to provide a different price point for those who felt The Full Experience was not in the range they could comfortably afford on a monthly basis.  I also want to be able to provide an option that perhaps does not seem as overwhelming with activities as the original.  While The Weekender does not include all of the things The Full Experience does, it will provide you with plenty to fill up some meaningful time for a few hours which can be done in 1-2 days or even spread out throughout the month. Let's get on with show and tell!

The Pout Pout Fish  (Included in BOTH Boxes)

This is a sweet book about a fish who has that look that we as parents are only too aware of, THE POUT look!  The fish in the end does find a way to turn that frown upside down. A sweet book to discuss feelings as well as body language. There is a whole series of books surrounding The Pout Pout Fish book and all have a sweet lesson intertwined with beautiful illustrations. 

Magnetic Fishing Game

I came across this fun toy and felt it was the perfect addition due to its multiple components.  The game itself comes with 2-4 fishing poles and oodles of nice sized plastic fish with magnetic noses.  As well, it has a couple of nets, a blow up pool and a nifty carrying bag that is netted to allow wet clothes to dry without risk of molding. The fish can be thrown into the blow up pool filled with water ( a great outside toy to use as an alternative to water/sprinkler play).  They can be used in the bathtub for fishing time as well.  Want to be the hit at the local neighborhood pool? Bring this game and it should engage those kids for hours as they swim after the floating fish! As well, I loved the aspect of the blow up pool.  Not going to lie, my age may be given away when I mention the Barbie Blow Up Pool that I played with for hours back in the 70's!  My OT brain goes to the perfect size for a place to engage with sensory play in such as water, sand, rice, beans and whatever else you can dream up. 

24 Piece Ocean Puzzle

Who doesn't love a new puzzle? This one is a great size to bring along to a restaurant or Doctor's office where waiting may not be in your favor otherwise. Puzzles are so valuable to address a child's visual perception skills and fine motor skills. There is something super satisfying with finishing a puzzle no matter the length! To make it easier, put pieces that interlock close to one another.  To make it more challenging, time your child to see how fast they can put it together.  Have him challenge himself to do it again or time other family members to see who can do it the fastest! 

Mini & Giant Orbeez - (Included in Both Boxes)

These little tiny beads pack more fun into a tiny bag than can be imagined! All that needs to happen is to place them in a Big (like popcorn-sized bowl) filled with water and let them soak for up to 48 hours.  I placed 2 sizes of orbeez into the small ziplock baggie and the bigger ones grow to be the size of an adult sized palm.  They are huge, slippery, squishy and FUN! Use them in the blow up pool or any large plastic dish.  I recommend outdoor play as these little guys have a tendency to slip out of hands and bounce away! Enjoy this sensory sensation!

Blue Jello & Swedish Fish

Crazy sounding I know! However, I have included you got it a box of blue raspberry jello and 2 packages of Swedish fish.  I provide directions to make and include the fish.  Wash the surface and child's hands prior to playing and then after you clear a space and make it jello-proof, allow your child to dig out those Swedish fish with their little fingers.  It is sticky and squishy and some of it just may land in their mouth. No problem sensory play that is edible makes it even more fun! If your child seems wary to use their hands, no problem encourage a utensil to get those little fish! You are still building utensil usage skills, and allowing them to play in a "safe" in their eyes way with a tempting sensory medium!

Ocean Sensory Bottle ( Included in Both Boxes)

I love a great calming tool and sensory play has always been at the top of my list when I have an anxious or upset child. In your boxes will be supplied for your child to make their very own sensory calming ocean bottle. After you get it put together, I definitely suggest adding super glue around the rim.  As pretty as the contents are in the bottle, they digress quickly in beauty when spilled on your couch! Have you considered setting up a special calming corner with sensory play in it? Encourage your child that is a safe zone for them to collect themselves. They are not in trouble when they go there and as much as possible their presence while there will be respected by parents and other siblings. 

Ocean Canvases (Included in Both Boxes)

Included in this activity are 2 -  5x7 canvases to paint, stencils, paints and a paintbrush.  Your child can be as independent and creative as they want to be without guidance, or stencils and instructions given to make a little more structured.  Each child is different when it comes to art and personalities unfold while watching them create! 

Ocean Floor Craft

All supplies needed to create a unique paper ocean picture with various types of mediums including construction paper, buttons, google eyes and tissue paper. Again, as noted in the picture above...kids are not created the same! We have engineers and we have designers.  Can you guess which one I predict to do which of those jobs with these cuties?

Pout Pout Fish - (Included with Both Boxes)

 Super simple paper craft that can be repurposed for a social emotional lesson or sharing time within your family.  This is a two sided color/cut project.  After your child completes their art on it, the adult should then use scissors and cut out the mouth of the fish.  Hold up to your face to produce your own pout pout face or happy face! Use at the dinner table to pass around and talk about highs and lows in each's day when they hold the fish and make the faces. Keep handy on the fridge and the next time your child is pouting for seemingly no reason, pull it off the fridge and give them back your own pout pout face.  Bet they turn that frown upside down!

The Weekender is STILL AVAILABLE!

All of our Full Experience Boxes are SOLD OUT.  However, I do have a few of smaller "Weekender" Boxes Available.  After the boxes go out around the 10th of each month, I place any leftovers on the site as a one-time gift box option.  I do increase the price some as I value my loyal subscribers and want to ensure they are getting the best deal offered!  Head to https://bigplayinabox.com/products/pout-pout-fish-weekender-gift-box to order your box NOW for $30 plus shipping! Still plenty of time to celebrate Ocean Life!

Our August Box is now available for pre-sale! If you want to be a part of our monthly subscriptions at a discounted price, head on over to https://bigplayinabox.com/collections/all and choose which subscription is best for your family. You will be billed today, but shipment will not occur until around August 10.  After that, billing occurs on the 1st of each month with subsequent mailing of each new box around the 10th!

I hope you consider joining us! It's a blast!!!  The August Boxes are AMAZING!!!!!

-Miss Connie

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