"Let's Make Some Delicious Pizzas! - Pretend Play as a Pizza Chef"

"Let's Make Some Delicious Pizzas! - Pretend Play as a Pizza Chef"

Pretend play is an essential aspect of childhood development as it helps children explore their imaginations, develop cognitive and social skills, and enhance their emotional intelligence. During pretend play, children can take on different roles and personas, engage in make-believe scenarios, and act out various situations that they may encounter in real life. Additionally, pretend play provides an opportunity for children to interact with others, build social skills, and develop empathy as they learn to consider other perspectives and collaborate with their peers. 

Our "Pizza Chef" Box is a perfect opportunity to mix in pretend play! It is loaded with opportunities to imitate in a playful manner being the server, chef and as well roles reversed as a patron. Let's break down what is included!


First off is the adorable book A Pizza with Everything on It. When they include everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Upon opening your box, you should get things started by pulling out the book and reading it together with your child. This gives your him/her a sense of what is to come and makes the contents of the box make more sense! 


I partnered this month with another small business called Bored to Brilliant. She creates super creative sensory slime kits as well as some other fun things for kids. All the ingredients and instructions are included to make the slime. Since I do not have young children anymore, I have to sometimes include my older ones. I asked my son and his girlfriend to create this slime together. Honestly, was fun to watch them partner up! A great start to their date night!


Say You are a Pizza Chef without Saying You are a Pizza Chef! Create your own personalized chef apron and hat. Included are fabric paints (psst...they stain so be careful). Adorable right?? Clear out a safe spot to paint these aprons and encourage individuality while doing so. 

Now we are cooking! Included are menus as well as "ingredients" to build your crazy pizza! What fun to take orders and fulfill them after cooking them up in your pizza oven. Recognize that oven and paddle? Well, I have upcycled the box that all of the goodies came in and given you the instructions on how to turn it into vital pieces of your baking experience! Much of the fun is just making all of the supplies, let alone actually following through with creating an inventive play environment. 

How about a personal pan pizza? Homemade non-toxic playdough is included with pepperoni, sausage, onions, and cheese! Use your included rolling pin to make the perfect pizza to deliver to a customer. This playdough when stored in an airtight container will last 3-6 months! It's just that good! What a great quiet activity to throw in your purse when waiting is required for your child. Sure to generate some great imagination with precious conversations! 

I mean, really?? How cute is Bella?! She is one of my testers and gave this box of play a thumbs up! We had so much fun together! Mom continued to send me pictures and videos of continued play well beyond the day we spent together! 

At the time of writing this, I still have a few of these boxes available as a "one-time" purchase. Head to the shopping page to scroll through all of our available options. Next-day shipping for our one-time boxes!

Do you want to receive a box of fun, creative, and engaging play for your 3-8-year-old each month at your doorstep? We offer a monthly subscription with 2 available options.  Our next shipment will go out around April 10th! Hope to see you on the inside!

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