Community Heroes! Our August 2022 Box!

Community Heroes! Our August 2022 Box!


I feel pretty confident in saying that a Community Heroes theme could not come at a better time in our world.  When adults have lost vision and hope for our future, children need reminders that there is good in this world. This month's box gives opportunities for creative play, role-playing, sensory and fine motor through hands-on activities! Read along, as I share the many ways this box can provide your family hours of learning and playtime!

- Book - Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do - An adorable book that provides visual and rhyming clues on one page, followed by a fully dressed individual completing the occupation that they pursue. The book builds upon itself as it continues. Well illustrated with simple but effective language to provide your child with a basis of knowledge of many roles of occupations they can pursue one day.+++Included with The Weekender Box+++

-Tinker Totter Heroes - I came across this toy and fell in LOVE! These little solid wooden figures are secured together with interlocking pieces.  They can be taken apart (each with 5-6 pieces each). Mix them for silliness. Match them for pretend/role playing opportunities. They make great tools for developing visual perceptual skills, fine motor and bilateral hand skills. The therapy clinic I work for has been using these like crazy as even the difficult to motivate kids are anxious to play with these little guys! 

-Homemade playdough with Fire Fighting Figures -  In a secure plastic 8oz jar is both red and black non-toxic playdough.  When not playing with it, it can be stored in the included jar and used for months! It is just that good!!! I have included a mixture of Fire Fighting Heroes and accessories to allow for more creative play with the playdough. Encourage molding buildings, fires, ladders, you name it with the playdough. Will the playdough mix? Ummm....likely. Will it be okay?  More than likely. Have fun as the creativity flows! +++Included with The Weekender Box+++

-School Teacher Cookie Cutters - These fun cookie accessories of course can be used with any boughten or homemade sugar cookie recipes. Are you not a baker? No problem, trace around them to make homemade cards or pictures. Use them with the included playdough to cut out after rolling out the playdough. If you are a baker, consider frosting them and surprising your child with a fun treat during the first week or two of school.  Consider sending a plate full in for your child's teacher! They will surely put a smile on his/her face after the always long and stressful first couple of weeks back. 

City Map Craft - Included are all of the supplies (including a glue stick) to make your very own map. After completing, grab some of those toy vehicles laying around your home and interacting with the streets and buildings.  This is a great time to discuss with your child the buildings that are included and the roles that they have in our every day lives.  The next time you need to do some of those dreaded errands, you have an opportunity to re-inforce your child's learning by pointing the buildings out.  Ask your child if he/she knows which one of the characters from the included book work where? Do you have any friends or relatives that work in the buildings? Perfect opportunity to get your child's wheels turning and ready to ask questions the next time they see that person. +++Included with The Weekender Box+++

Mailbox Craft- I'm a fan of recycling whenever possible. If not recycling how about re-purposing?? I've given you all the necessary supplies to turn the box that comes to your door into a mailbox! Paint it and connect the flag! As well plenty of colorful paper to practice writing names, letters or even scribbling. As well as the cutest, and I mean CUTE realistic stamps to place on the "envelopes".  Embarrassingly enough, one of our children needed help as a JUNIOR in High School to address an envelope!! UGH!! Don't let that happen! Perfect opportunity to talk about mail and how it gets from one place to another. Discuss right and lefts on self and on things in front of you such as when placing a stamp.  Set up a mail station and have your child pick up mail from different rooms of the house for a fun and engaging way to role play the mailman! Also a great opporuntity to write the mailman a thank you note! (Or a cute drawing!) +++Included with The Weekender Box+++

-Bandaid Craft - Who would have thought Band-aids could become art?? Well...whether they become "body art" with miscellaneous bandaids all over oneself OR they are used on the provided whitestock paper, the kids will enjoy unpackaging and creating! Opening those little packages and peeling back the paper is an EXCELLENT way to address fine motor skills! I'd be hardpressed to say I have never met a child who didn't love a box of bandaids! Well parents, this is their chance to WASTE them! :) 

As always with Big Play in a Box, there are included activity cards that give you guided instructions as well as suggestions to make the activity more or less difficult based on your child's level of development. 

I hope you are motivated to get out all of the fun to be had in this box! Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT expect to do all of this in one sitting! This is days worth of engaging activities that can be used as independent play, cooperative play with friends/siblings, or interactive play with you the caregiver with your child. 

I want these opportunities to play to be quick and easy to set up, so you and your child can get right to business! At the time of this writing, there are a few of these boxes left!!! There are 2 options including the Full Experience (with ALL of the above activities included) OR The Weekender, which includes those activities above that are highlighted! Go Check them out at

Hope you have a GREAT time with this Box!!!

-Miss Connie



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