Bedtime Box - December 2022

Buddy's Bedtime Battery is the featured book of our December 2022 Box. I happened upon this sweet book which I felt would be a perfect addition to our Bedtime Box. Buddy requires some routines and button pushing to finally go to sleep. But wait....he turns back on in the middle of the night.  There has not been a caregiver out there that hasn't had their little robots wake up in the middle of the night! Wouldn't it be great if there was a button we could push to shut those motors back down again?
In the book, Buddy has his trusted blue puppy to keep him company.  I found the perfect addition to represent! Have you ever had a Warmie in your hands? The included puppy, although not blue, was perfect! Warmie's are weighted to provide additional comfort (think weighted blanket). They are extremely soft and scented like Lavender. On top of all of that, they have the capability to be warmed up in the microwave or even kept in the freezer for additional temperature comfort. 
The Starry Night Galaxy is an amazing light show projected right inside your child's room. Variations of colors and splatters of patterns make this a sure bet that your child will anticipate at least going to bed. I cannot guarantee to stay there. My college-aged daughter even took one of these to her home and has assured me it is her favorite addition this year!
There are 3 crafts included with this month's box. All crafts include all parts with the exception of scissors and glue. The first is the Dreamcatcher. Have you ever known the meaning behind the Dreamcatcher? I know I had not, so of course, I had to look it up!
The Hoop itself represents the Circle of Life. The Web around the hoop. The web is intended to serve much as a spider's web and is to trap all unwanted things. In this case bad dreams! The beads signify how many dreams captured at night and that are transformed into sacred charms. Lastly, at least on these particular Dreamcatchers are the feathers. They help the trapped dreams from the web glide gently down to the person sleeping below. Who knew? I have so much more respect knowing this!
The next Craft is the Bedtime Robot. Upon painting and gluing him altogether. You can use the included pictures to tack onto the clothespins as a means of a check-off list to complete bedtime rituals. As much as we think our kids should know the nightly list of to-do's each night, having some type of visual makes it easier for him/her to actually tackle the task and certainly with more independence. 
The last craft is the cutest little Sleeping Paper Puppet dog. An adult should help with cutting out the eyes and folding the paper over. The kids can design, color and commentate the cute little guy! 
I hope that the curation of December's Bedtime Box puts smiles on faces and sweet dreams in their heads. I feel like this box is appropriate for so many ages and stages of Development. At the time of writing this post, I still have some additional boxes to be sold as "one-time" purchases.  
I offer next-day shipping. If you are local to Greenville, SC I also offer local pickup spot! For that option simply, use the code LOCALPICKUP in the very last coupon code section and it will take off all shipping charges. Pickup occurs at The Care Center, 3400 Anderson Road, Greenville, SC. They are open M-Th 8:00-5:30 pm

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